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Mobiel +31 6 53786505  |  tel. +31 20 6162447  |  nuver@xs4all.nl

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Mirjam Nuver lives and works in Amsterdam. Mirjam designs and produces hats since 1985. She studied graphic design at the academy of art in Groningen. This shows in her work, which contains obvious and unusual graphic and sculptural elements.

She uses classical materials such as felt, sisol, panama and strawbraid. The way she works the materials is innovative working mostly with her hands without using pre-formed wooden blocks. Shapes evolve by cutting, sewing, crushing and stretching the materials.


On the edge of the area between originality and wearability lays Mirjam Nuvers challenge. In using a new hat-language her aim is to seduce people into wearing hats again, not for sake of etiquette or convention but as a personal choice and from a passionate love for hats!


wintercollection 2012


photos by Edland Man

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